Sexual Happiness Guru

When we as women open our bodies to another, we open not only to power and love, but to incredible vulnerability and to whatever history we created from past choices that will prevent us from being carefree and lovable.

There is a need to be strengthened nourished and clarified from perceived problems from our childhood or adolescence;  Physical mental or emotional trauma, being unlovable or not being good enough to be loved.

We are burdened with guilt, feel betrayed and suffer power loss. Why, despite after all the empowerment coaching, talk therapy, chats with girlfriends, and meditation in the world can’t we seem to resolve these relationships once and for all, and MOVE ON?

You need to transform toxic experiences from violation of trust,
sexual or emotional Insensitivity ,betrayal, physical or emotional abandonment, abuse and  many more can be identified.

It is now known that these are the root causes of sexual dissatisfaction from insecurity, low self-esteem, low self-respect, mistrust of men and sex. So often we feel our emotional needs are not important in our relationships and create the inability to trust ourselves.

You have internalized:

Low self-esteem, low self-respect
Mistrust in the world, sex, or men
An Inability to trust YOURSELF to make good choices
A sense of failure or futility
Denial/denigration of your emotional needs and deepest desires in lovership
Either sexual stagnancy (you have become cut off from your own sexual vitality) or a tendency to ignore your own healthy sexual boundaries (you give yourself away)

Regardless of what we face in life, if we are empowered enough to really understand our inherent energetic capacities as women, we can ALWAYS transform a toxic experience into energy or resource that sustains and strengthens us. And I mean no matter how awful or toxic. Our capacities are unlimited.

Reclaim your feminine essence

How Hypnotherapy heals past trauma.

You need to find sensual receptivity, personal power, and emotional balance now than ever before. You will shine with natural radiance.