How Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss

How Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss

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January isn’t that long ago, so those of you who are regular gym users will still be able to remember that sudden rush of new members the day after New Year’s Day. Lured by generous New Year discounts, the hordes who had put ‘weight loss’ at the top of their resolutions list appeared.

By now, sadly, a lot of them will have already stopped going, demoralised by how hard it can be to start and maintain a new healthy lifestyle.

What drew them there in the first place?

Fitness, maybe, but for many it’s the gluttony of December that spurs them on. If you weren’t happy with your weight in the first place, then the work parties, the mince pies in the office, Christmas dinner and all the extra alcohol just compound the issue.
We shouldn’t really make New Year’s resolutions – you could just as easily have a new start in May or August – but there is something about taking stock at the start of a year that focuses the mind.

There are two main reasons for wanting weight loss

One is that you’re not happy with yourself, the way you look and the way your body makes you feel. The frustration that you can no longer fit into the clothes you used to wear, the feeling of overheating on hot summer days or in warm rooms. All of it adds up to an undercurrent of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.
Secondly, you are unhappy about how your weight affects your relationship with your partner, and the way it might be undermining the physical intimacy between you. Our bodies naturally change as we get older, and usually not in ways we would like!

But while wanting to have a nap in the afternoon, not being able to cope with a few drinks like you used to and wandering into rooms and forgetting why you went there can be laughed off, things that affect our long-term relationships are not so easy to deal with.
It doesn’t have to be someone close to you commenting on your appearance (most people aren’t that unkind) that can affect your confidence. It’s the gradual decline of your physical relationship and romance that can make you feel your other half no longer desires you.
This can force people to make unhealthy decisions and get locked into a diet-fail-diet-fail cycle which is not always good for our wellbeing and certainly not for our self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help in two ways in this situation

Firstly, it is an invaluable tool when it comes to weight loss. Diets are a set of rules about what you can eat, and when. Hypnotherapy for weight loss switches the focus to your eating desires.
If the things we craved were the healthy things and not the sugary, fatty treats that are so tempting, then life would not only be healthier but we would actually enjoy eating well rather than it being a chore. By gaining control of your cravings, hypnotherapy can help you make that step.
Secondly, hypnotherapy can deal with the fear of intimacy rejection. Plenty of people are unsure how their partner feels about them physically and therefore withdraw rather than take the risk of getting hurt.
But you weren’t born with those feelings, you have learned them and absorbed them. Hypnotherapy can help you unlearn them and focus on where you want to be rather than what might go wrong.
Best of all, it can provide long-term, solid solutions. Not ones that only last until the end of January.

Start on your path to feeling great about your weight today. Want to know more about hypnotherapy before you contact me?

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